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Sonja 4 Ever

  • Producer


Hi, it’s me: this weird voice in your head you use while reading.

You probably didn’t notice, but I have been intrigued by this new producer lately.

His name is Sonja4Ever. Yes, it’s a ‘he’.

Were he comes from, they say they die for their city, but then again... Sonja4ever succeeded in fleeing his hometown to pursue a life in the big bad city.

As far as Brussels (BE) is big, it definitely is bad. At least: bad for your social life.

The last few years Sonja4Ever kept himself busy making beats,

uploading them to soundcloud and deleting them after a couple of days.

You should know: Sonja4Ever is a monniker, an invisibility Cloak for a young, and sometimes socially awkward, young producer. Even though his name is mentioned twice on the album cover; standing in the shadow requires the sun to shine.

Inspired by the likes of Bicep, Burial, Four Tet and even fellow Belgian Yves De Ruyter,

Worms is an ode to what has been. And to his grandma: Sonja.

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